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The Vision
Three different people were given the following Vision over a period of years. This is only a paraphrase of what was given and not the full transcript. God has confirmed the Vision over the years through a number of different sources and we believe that we will see it come to pass in our generation. In 1984 God said that Dunblane is like a basin and just as water would run down the sides of a basin and fill it up so His Holy Spirit will fill up this valley of Dunblane. So great will be the flow that it will affect the surrounding area touching towns and villages with signs following. In 1986 God confirmed the above and said that He will pour out His Holy Spirit like a river in this place of Dunblane. The people of God will be swimming and splashing about in this river and there will be other people standing on the embankment watching what God is doing. They will be watching the miracles taking place and lives being changed unaware that a mighty tidal wave of God's Holy Spirit is coming to sweep them into the river as well. Not only that but so great will be the flood of the Spirit that it will flow out from this place into the surrounding towns and villages and across the nations. During a Fellowship leadership prayer meeting the following picture was given regarding the Fellowship and Dunblane: 'I saw a large piece of ground on which the members of Dunblane Christian Fellowship were standing. We were all together and quite happy with the size of the Fellowship. As I looked out from where we were standing I saw a large area of land and then a perimeter fence. This fence marked out an area that we thought would be large enough for the Fellowship. The Lord told me to look beyond the perimeter fence and as I did I saw thousands of people coming towards the fence. As they got there they started to clamour over the fence and as there were so many their weight knocked the fence down. As they crossed over the fence and came towards us I saw that their faces were smiling and everyone was happy. There were so many of them that they filled up the space between us the fence and beyond. The Lord said to me that thousands would be saved in the Fellowship and not to limit what He planned to do.  
Duncan Strathdee







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