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Going Forward

The desire to share the love of God and meet needs in the local community has led to a close examination of how relevant the activities of the Fellowship are. Building a new community church in the centre of the city has made the Fellowship more accessible to everyone and helped to promote community and social life in a caring environment. God has spoken in Dunblane and the world has prayed over it. We know in our spirits that the 'vision' given to Dunblane Christian Fellowship will soon be seen with our eyes - thousands saved, bodies healed, marriages repaired, drug addicts and alcoholics set free in the mighty name of Jesus,

Duncan Strathdee resigned from his post as Head Teacher of Willowpark Special School in Edinburgh and on 26 October 1998, he and his wife Janet began full-time with the Fellowship. A new era had begun and more were added to the church

Property purchased

The Fellowship started looking to purchase property in Dunblane with a view to building a community church. In 1992 the offices and workshops in Stirling Road belonging to Lawrie (Plumbers) came up for sale. The Fellowship agreed to have a special building offering on the first Sunday in March. The offering received that morning encouraged the leadership to take a step of faith and put in an offer for the property in Stirling Road. The offer was duly accepted and architects were appointed to draw up plans for a multi-purpose community church. Planning permission was granted to put a two storey building on the site but the overall cost proved too much for the Fellowship to take the project forward at that time and the project was shelved.








The new church building